Weed management in regenerative agriculture


One of the biggest concerns and challenges farmers face when transitioning to regenerative agriculture is weed management. Which practices will suppress weeds and which...

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Carboneg and European Programme EIT Food


We have succeeded in the EIT Food call and are receiving support for training activities for farmers in the Czech Republic.

What does this...

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EU agriculture as a world leader in carbon sequestration certification

Zemedelstvi v EU bude lidr v zachytavani uhliku a nasledne certifikaci

We have already informed you in a number of previous blog articles that responsible agriculture has great potential for solving the climate crisis. We...

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Why Deloitte supports regenerative farming and Carboneg

Deloitte supports Carboneg and regenerative agriculture

How is Deloitte taking a stand on regenerative agriculture? What are the expectations of the transformation of the agricultural sector in the future? Or...

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What is Carboneg's position on EU certification for carbon sequestration?


You have only until 2 May 2022 to participate in the public consultation on the development of a legislative framework for [EU rules on...

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Cattle Farming and Climate Change


It is true that the effect of methane on the greenhouse effect is much greater than that of CO2. And it is the production...

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Regenerative Grazing

Regenerativní pastva v oplůtkách prospívá krajině i půdě.

There are many ways to graze cattle. However, the best method to improve soil quality is regenerative grazing. Do you know what to make...

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Principles of Regenerative Agriculture - Continued


Principle 3: Increase biodiversity

It is essential to encourage and enable diversity of all life forms, not only of the crops grown, but also of...

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5+1 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture - Part 1

Regenerativní zemědělství - to je diverzita, to je život.

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic method of soil management that harnesses the power of photosynthesis in plants to store carbon in the soil, enhancing...

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