About us

Finding balance at work and in nature

At the beginning there were two ideas
Experiences from the corporate world
For many years we have been in the corporate world thanks to employee benefits. We know that although many companies try to be green, they always indirectly produce some emissions. And at some point, their efforts to be carbon neutral hit a ceiling.
Respect for nature
We love nature. It pains us to see the consequences of climate change. We also recognise the importance of the landscape to our quality of life and care about the food we eat.
Our goals

Towards carbon neutrality

Carbon neutrality is therefore a milestone on our way to a far more ambitious goal. Even though we know we cannot achieve it alone, we believe it makes sense to try together. Especially when, thanks to the principles of regenerative agriculture, we can literally start in a field outside the city. And if it gives us the added benefit of supporting European farmers, healthier crops and food, and a qualitative transformation of the European landscape, it's worth it.

Join us.

Global goal, local impact. We'd love to have you join us. Whether as a business or a farmer.