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Contribute through carbon credits to global change that starts in the field outside the city

Even a small change can bring miracles

Global Goal. Local Impact.

You may feel like you've exhausted almost all possibilities to reduce your company's carbon footprint. You're buying green energy, consistently sorting waste, introducing electric cars... And yet there's always room to go further. Supporting regenerative agriculture through offsets is an opportunity to help the planet, humanity and your business become carbon neutral, while having a local impact - on the local landscape and the production of quality food.

Principles of cooperation
How does it work?
We design a win-win solution
Together, we'll discuss how much CO₂ credits will help your business on the path to carbon neutrality. We will discuss the options and benefits on your side and on the farmers' side.
We'll make a deal
We'll sign a 5-year contract. You commit to buying a certain amount of CO₂ credits and we focus on supporting farmers in their transition to regenerative farming.
We will work together to see positive changes
Every year we will give you a report on what we have achieved together - facts, figures, stories.

What will you gain from getting involved?

A new opportunity

to contribute to carbon neutrality.

A chance to influence

the transformation of the European landscape towards more sustainable management.


with European farmers who grow food also for your table.

Feeling good

about contributing to solving a problem that is plaguing the world.

What's next? Write to us and we will discuss everything without obligation.

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