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Change for the better

We know that committing to change takes courage. But regenerative farming is not a step into the unknown, but a return to nature. And you don't have to worry about profitability. Healthy soil yields good returns and is a sign of respect for future generations. Your buyers and end customers will appreciate your quality products and your responsible approach. And new market opportunities will open up for you.

How does it work?
We identify your company's opportunities
Let's meet together to find out what the possibilities are for your farm to switch to regenerative agriculture.
We will support you for 5 years
If the collaboration discussed makes sense to you and us, we will sign a 5-year contract. During this time we will provide you with free professional support: individual consultations, training and sharing within the farming community. We will facilitate your gradual transition to regenerative farming.
We will pay you a reward
For every tonne of CO₂ you take out of the atmosphere through regenerative farming, we will pay you a reward. This will range from 50 EUR to 300 EUR per hectare per year. It depends on the region and value of the increase in the proportion of organic matter in your soil. The measurements are audited and based on the principle of measuring the amount of carbon in the soil.

What will you gain from getting involved?

Drought resistance

You will increase the proportion of organic matter in your soil, which will retain water on your land.

Quality production

Healthy, chemical-free soil produces quality, award-winning food.

Financial reward

We'll pay you a reward for regenerative farming - the more carbon, the higher the reward.

Lower costs, higher profits

By revitalising your soil, you'll encourage good returns while minimising diesel and chemical costs.

Increased land value

As the degradation of other land accelerates, your living land will increase in market value.

A healthier environment

You'll support a diversity of soil micro-organisms, birds and insects.

Prestige and respect

Society will appreciate your efforts to be a responsible farmer.

Feeling good

You will contribute to solving a problem that is worrying the whole world.


Yes it is possible, but you need to incorporate principles into your system in the future that lead to the retention of as much organic matter/carbon in the soil as possible.

This situation should not arise. The increase in carbon depends on the number of principles you put in place, the more you put in place, the faster your soils will improve and the more carbon will increase.

Financial rewards are being financed by large corporations in service industries that are trying to achieve carbon neutrality but are unable to get to zero with existing technologies. Typically these are various banks, IT companies, operators, etc. These are not direct stack CO2 emitters like power or heating plants, their emissions are regulated by emission permits.

Yes you can, you need to change to rotational managed grazing.

What's next? Write to us and we will discuss everything without obligation.

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